LES International and Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP): "The Licensing Profession in 2030 - what does the future hold?"

LES International and Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP)
"The Licensing Profession in 2030 - what does the future hold?"
Thursday, 23 September 2021
8:30am - 9:30am (EDT) / 2:30pm - 3:30pm (CEST)

This interactive panel composed of senior licensing professionals from various industries will discuss the role of licensing in driving business development activities in both academia and the commercial sector. The speakers will also discuss the importance of licensing during 2021 - a very unique year - how it might change over the next decade and what skills will be needed to be effective.


- Ben Dibling, University of Pennsylvania, Penn Center for Innovation, Chair, CLP Board of Governors
- Sian Godwin, Business Development and Licensing Director, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
- Francois Painchaud, Partner, Robic

Moderator: Dana Robert Colarulli, Executive Director, LESI

This event is FREE to participans.



LES International Young Members Congress, Pan-European Conference: "The 3Fs: Fashion - Food - Furniture"

LES International Young Members Congress
Pan-European Conference
"The 3Fs: Fashion - Food - Furniture"
Friday, 24 September 2021
8:00am - 11:00am (EDT) / 2:00pm - 5:00pm (CEST)

LESI's Young Members Congress (YMC) and the LES Italy Organizing Committee are thrilled to invite you to the 8th Pan-European LES YMC Conference.

The organizers have created an event in order to convey to participants the peculiarities of the Italian culture and "Made in Italy". In fact, the topics will be based around the "3 Fs" acronym of Furniture, Fashion, and Food, to illustrate Italian excellence recognized all over the world and the strategies for the protection of their IP rights.

The event is free to all participants.



LES USA-Canada: Annual Meeting "Reimagining the Future"

LES USA-Canada
Annual Meeting
"Reimagining the Future"
Monday, 27 September 2021 - Thursday, 30 September 2021
12:00pm - 6:00pm (EDT) - 6:00pm - 12:00am (CEST)

The LES 2021 Annual Meeting is focused on Reimagining the Future.

As we move away from the challenges of 2020, we are beginning to imagine what the new future looks like. The LES 2021 Annual Meeting attendees will gain insights on effective ways to acquire, protect, and monetize intellectual property in the post-Covid-19 age. Join LES USA-Canada virtually during the week of September 27th to network and share knowledge, best practices, and deal advice that can be put into action.



LES Italy: "Securing a Competitive Edge in IP Licensing"

LES Italy
"Securing a Competitive Edge in IP Licensing"
Wednesday, 29 September 2021
11:00am - 12:30pm (EDT) / 5:00pm - 6:00pm (CEST)

One of the major debates dominating the current discourse on resolving disputes relating to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) is its ever-increasing extraterritorial implications. It is becoming common practice for courts to be required to address issues such as global rate setting and the use of Anti-Suit Injunctions (ASIs) within a geopolitical and geo-economics paradigm.

The webinar organized by LES Italy will present the impact of cross-border judgements, highlighting why ASIs should be considered in contrast with freedom to enjoy national tribunal decisions and which corrective measures should be introduced to prevent their use.

The event is FREE to all participants.



LES Singapore and Anaqua: "Securing a Competitive Edge in IP Licensing"

LES Singapore and Anaqua
"Securing a Competitive Edge in IP Licensing"
Friday, 1 October 2021
11:30am - 12:30pm (SGT)

While licensing is often viewed as a tried-and-true way to monetize an IP portfolio, securing a good licensing deal can be elusive. Licensing transactions have also become more complex as technology develops.

Join a panel of industry experts who will share best practices and tips on the key stages towards successful IP licensing. Topics such as organizing and positioning your research and development efforts, identification of near-to-market technology, and the use of analytic tools to assess the IP landscape will be discussed. Learn from these highly experienced licensing professionals how they identify IP of potential high value, either within their own portfolios or as a target, and how they would go about licensing such IP.

This event is FREE to all participants.


LES International, Pan-European Conference: "Sharing is Caring: Pooling IP Assets for Greater Efficiency"

LES International
Pan-European Conference
"Sharing in Caring: Pooling IP Assets for Greater Efficiency"
Tuesday, 5 October 2021 - Wednesday, 6 October 2021
9:15am - 4:00pm (CEST)

The Hungarian Chapter of LES is pleased to announce that in 2021, it will once again host the Pan-European Conference of LESI, which will be held on 5-6 October 2021, as an online event.

The themes of the 2021 Pan-European Conference were built around the slogan "Sharing is caring" and cover no less important areas than SEP/FRAND, IP management in company groups, IP and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Trade Secrets and Know-How, University Technology Transfer, AI and Data Economy, Dispute settlement and IP Enforcement, Copyright in the Digital Age and Investing in IP.

Home page: https://www.les-hungary.hu/en/pan-european-conference/

Registration: https://registration.les-hungary.hu/

Program: https://www.les-hungary.hu/en/program/

Intro video: vimeo.com/600910432



LESI Education Committee: "Pop-Up Series: COVID-19 TRIPS Patent Waiver"

LESI Education Committee
Pop-Up Series: COVID-19 TRIPS Patent Waiver
Thursday, 7 October 2021
8:00am - 9:30am (EDT) / 2:00pm - 3:30pm (CEST)

Given our international community of IP licensing experts, LESI is in the enviable and unique position to bring together various perspectives on the proposed COVID-19 TRIPS Patent Waivers. The debate ensues globally, and we can bring global perspectives to educate folks around the complexity of a COVID-19 waiver of patent and other rights surrounding vaccine development. Education is critically important in this debate.

The LESI Education Committee has chosen this topic as the first in a series of LESI Pop-up Courses this year. "Pop-up" classes are generally defined as short extracurricular workshops that offer an opportunity to engage in new material, or activities not typically covered in the traditional curriculum. With this format, interactivity is key. We will lead with a 45-minute panel discussion of experts, followed by a 45-minute interactive, small break-out sessions. In those sessions, the speakers and other experts will lead a conversation where attendees will have an opportunity to share their own views.

This event is FREE to all participants.



LES Benelux: "Cyber Security"

LES Benelux
"Cyber Security"
Tuesday, 12 October 2021
11:45am - 1:30pm (CEST)

LES Benelux invite you to their webinar on "Cyber Security" on 12 October 2021, from 11h45 to 13h30 CET.

Christian Prickaerts (director of Managed Services & a board member at Dutch Cyber Security firm Fox-IT) and Maurits Westerik (IP litigator and partner at the boutique firm Coupry) will discuss the interplay between cyber ecurity, confidentiality and trade secrets, touching upon questions like: how does one deal with one's precious R&D trade secrets, what kind of Chinese walls are appropriate when dealing with confidential information received from parties under NDA, what sort of security requirements can one ask for in licenses? Information security both in regard to private (e.g. competitors, hackers) and state actors (e.g. industrial espionage, dawn raids by authorities) will be touched upon.

This event is FREE to all participants.



Save the Date! LESI Women in Licensing Alliance (WILA): "Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance: Can it be done or is it just a myth?"

LESI Women in Licensing Alliance (WILA)
"Achieving A Healthy Work-Life Balance: Can it be done or is it just a myth?"
Tuesday, 12 October 2021



LES International: "les Nouvelles LIVE: Spotlight on the September 2021 Issue"

LES International
"les Nouvelles LIVE: Spotlight on the September 2021 Issue"
Wednesday, 13 October 2021
10:00am - 11:00am (EDT) / 4:00pm - 5:00pm (CEST)

Join LESI at the next les Nouvelles LIVE online event to hear the "making-of" stories from the authors of articles in the September 2021 edition.

This edition is filled with engaging articles that track many of the discussions overheard at the LESI2021 Virtual Annual Conference this past May! Included are articles that address various topics of interet to our global licensing community: two articles on connected cars and convergence in the auto industry, two articles on Artificial Intelligence and IP, an article from the licensing executive's perspective on the potential impact of recent proposals to waive IP covering COVID technologies, a piece on promoting innovation where market incentives don't work, and more. Join us!

This event is FREE to participants.


LESI Americas Committee: "What Strategies You Would Take to Adjust to Recent Changes in IP Laws in Different North and South American Countries"

LESI Americas Committee
"What Strategies You Would Take to Adjust to Recent Changes in IP Laws in Different North and South American Countries"
Thursday, 21 October 2021
10:00am - 11:30am (EDT) / 4:00pm- 5:30pm (CEST)

Several significant new Intellectual Property Laws and Rulings have been issued in the last 12 months in the LESI Americas countries.

In this webinar, you will hear from outstanding panelists form Brazil, Mexico, and Chile whom are familiar with these changes and can help provide guidance on strategic actions for companies and individuals doing business in these regions to address these changes. It should be a lively and interactive webinar moderated by Paula Mena Barreto from Brazil. Intellectual Property changes have occurred in the Americas region, and we hope you will join us for what is sure to be a wonderful presentation.

The event is FREE to participants.



Save the Date! LES South Africa: "Intellectual Property Valuation Conference"

LES South Africa
"Intellectual Property Valuation Conference"
Wednesday - Friday, 3 - 5 November 2021



Save the Date! LES Britain & Ireland: 2021 Annual Conference "Licensing in Challenging Times"

LES Britain & Ireland
LES100 Training Course/LES Workshop & 2021 Annual Conference
"Licensing in Challenging Times"
15 - 16 November 2021

LES Britain & Ireland are thrilled to announce that their 2021 Annual Conference "Licensing in Challenging Times" will be held IN-PERSON on 16 November in Glasgow.

Topics to be covered:

- No-One is Safe Until Everyone is Safe - the story behind CEPI's R&D partnerships and supporting the COVAX Mission

- Irn-Bru: Protecting a Heritage Brand

- Deal Making Trends and Outlook for the Life Sciences Industry (Panel)

- Public Support for Start-up Ventures

- Commercialisation of the Academic Research Base (Panel)

- Agreements to Supply Products in a Time of Shortage

A full-day LES100 Training Course "Commercialising IP through the Power of Licensing" and a half-day LES workshop on "Copyright - Collective Licensing after the Digital Single Market Directive 2019/790" will take place on 15 November. A Civic Reception (hosted by Glasgow City Council) and Gala Dinner with a Guest Speaker will then be held for all LES100/LES Workshop and Conference attendees.



Save the Date! LES France: "50 Years' Anniversary"

LES France
50 Years Anniversary
Monday, 29 November 2021